Botaira Beach Resort, FijiThe Luxury of Simplicity in the Beautiful Yasawa Islands

Activities at Botaira Resort

While a good book and a comfortable hammock under a shady palm tree may sound like the ideal holiday, Botaira can offer a wide range of island activities, most of which are free.

Lazing in a hammock

What to do on Land

Village Trip
The local village is approximately 40 minutes walk and takes in spectacular views of the resort and the island. If you do not think you could handle the walk then Botaira Resort staff will take you on the 30 minute boat trip around to the village for a small charge. You will be fascinated with the walk through the local village, meeting the people and children, seeing how they live, work and play. Of particular interest is the local church with its detailed carvings and the local school. A craft market is also available on the island for you to pick up some Fijian souvenirs.

Visit a Fijian Island Village

Eco Garden Tour
A Botaira staff member will give you a personal guided tour of a the resort vege garden which is exactly like a typical village plantation giving a great insight to life on the island and how the different types of local fruit and vegetables grow.

Fijian Garden Tour

Ridge Walk
The Ridge Walk takes approximately 35 minutes and is a steady climb to a peak that offers panoramic views of Naviti Island plus the rest of the Yasawas group. A fascinating walk that is well worth the effort. This is also an organised activity if you prefer to have a local guide with you.

Ridge Walk

Spear Throwing
A special organised activity at Botaira is the spear throwing competition. Learn how the locals accurately throw spears some distance and then try it for yourself, competing against others at the resort. This activity includes embarrassment, fun and laughter.

Spear Throwing

Beach Volleyball
What else can you do on a pristine white beach than play volleyball! Enjoy a game by yourselves or contribute to the organised competition and have fun with others at the resort.


Cocktail Hour
At sunset, from 5.30-6.30pm is Happy Hour. Hopefully you have enough energy to enjoy special Botaira cocktails on the deck, prepared by your friendly barman, Knox!

What to do in the Water

If it gets too hot on land for you, then pop into the water for a quick cool dip or some of these fun activities.

Swimming in Fiji

There is excellent swimming in front of the resort with a pontoon (swimming raft) anchored in the bay for you to rest on or dive off.

Swimming at Botaira

Take five steps into the water, put your flippers and snorkel on and then be utterly amazed at the marvellous coral reef that is right on the doorstep of Botaira Resort. The bay has wonderful coral and myriads of colourful tropical fish for you to gaze at and play with for hours on end. It is really like swimming in a tropical fish tank! Snorkelling gear is available free to guests and for hire to day visitors.

Snorkelling at Botaira

Kayaks and surf kayaks are always available for a bit of recreational fun. Great for either reef inspection and/or reef surfing… or just to potter around the bay.

Kayaking Botaira, Fiji

Manta Rays
There is nothing more thrilling in life than to experience wildlife in it's own element, and that is exactly what swimming with the Manta Rays is like. The trip involves a short boat ride to Manta Ray Passage, either the early morning or late afternoon. The Manta Ray season is typically in June and July, although some lucky guests may get to see them during May. Swimming with these massive sea creatures is a must do activity. Please Note: Manta Rays are harmless; they do not have the lethal barbs that Sting Rays have. Small charges may apply for the boat trip.

Swimming with Manta Rays at Botaira Resort

Scuba Diving
World-class diving with our outstanding operator, Reef Safari, is available from the resort. They offer everything for Introductory diving instruction for beginners through to Advanced Open Water Certification courses for experienced divers. This is the experience of a lifetime. Please ask a Botaira staff member if you would like us to arrange a diving trip for you.

Scuba Fiji